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The Story

My origin story is a remarkable one. I went from being sick, tired, overworked and overwhelmed to being diagnosed with cholinergic urticaria and angioedema. Add these medical conditions to my pre-existing asthma, eczema, migraines and GERD and you get a pretty frustrated person. But when my daughters started showing signs of medical conditions that had plagued me for years, that's when I decided to take matters into my own hands. Modern medicine wasn't helping and so I turned to evidence-based nutrition. Within a year, I had reversed or improved most of my medical conditions and had gotten rid of all of my prescriptions drugs. Plant-based nutrition gave me my life back and I've since dedicated my free time to spreading the science.

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The Mission

My mission is to make this information easy to understand for everyone from the general public, to my medical students. I want to empower those looking to improve their health through the power of science backed lifestyle medicine. 

Although the science is very clear, there is still a lot of confusion online regarding what a healthy dietary pattern should look like. Let's bust some myths and clear up the confusion.

Peace, love, plants!
Dr. Jules

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Peace, love, plants!
Dr. Jules

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