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Evidence-based weight management

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2 in 3 are overweight or obese, but why?

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For optimal body weight

Just so happens that the diet that has been proven to prolong life expectancy, reverse heart disease and prevent chronic disease is the same one proven to assist in achieving and sustaining a healthy body weight.  

All weight loss diets work by having you eat a calorically deficient diet.  Whether it's keto, paleo, or the latest trendy fad diet, they're all the same.  They aim to create a caloric deficiency.  Losing weight is not difficult, it's keeping it off long term that's the challenge, and most studies conclude that those who have lost weight on a restrictive and calorie deficient diet fail to keep it off long term.  There are tens of thousands of diet books for sale on Amazon, and they all rely on the same winning formula: testimonials, not science.  All diets work, it's their sustainability that can be questioned.  And when the diet is sustainable, the next question should be: "Is it healthy?".  I'm fully supportive of diets that promote weight loss and psychological health, but not at the expense of physical health.  Science has come a long way and we now have clear proof of how people should eat for longevity, health and disease prevention.  Even with ground breaking technology and scientific research, it seems that medical quackery is still ever present.  You might remember the Ab-roller, T-zone vibration or the magical beam of laser in your ear that promised inches off your waist in a matter of weeks.  Surprisingly, desperate times call for desperate measures and we can't blame anyone who has tried these deceptive weight loss gadgets.  Don't get me wrong, you may have been one of the anecdotes suggesting a beneficial effect of the previously mentioned laser.  I too would make drastic changes in my lifestyle if I were motivated enough to pay hundreds of dollars for laser treatment.  Millions of dollars are spent to market and sell these gimmicks to naive and desperate consumers.     

Unfortunately, when people want to lose weight, health seems to be the last thing on their radar.  People tend to resort to unhealthy behaviors to ensure weight loss, but we know that to not be necessary.  Programs that include support, coaching and accountability are more effective than those simply providing a calorie deficient meal plan, but also tend to be more expensive.  That's why the keys to success and to permanent weight loss is a diet that provides support, coaching, health, is non-restrictive, is sustainable, offers variety and flexibility and that's exactly what the whole food plant-based diet is, when well-planned.  Any drastic change in eating habits is overwhelming, and that's where I come in.  In the For Weight Loss section, I break down what a healthy and sustainable health promoting and life prolonging diet should look like.  In the How To Transition section, I review the barriers and challenges that most will face during their transition and then provide useful strategies to break through these walls.

How is the WFPBD effective at weight loss? 

Trying to lose weight on a standard american diet is like trying to quit smoking by vaping.  Some will succeed and provide vaping companies with success stories and anecdotes, but most will simply end up hooked on another costly and addictive product.  Restrictive diets containing highly processed foods leave clients undernourished and craving for more.  Highly motivated people might be able to resist the urge to eat, but for how long?  Foods that are processed are proven to have higher calorie densities and to increase appetite and calorie consumption overall.  Whole plant foods do the opposite.  People eating a WFPBD lose weight while eating a wider variety of foods and while eating larger quantities of food, leaving them fuller and more satisfied.  Even studies on the WFPBD where participants were able to eat ad libitum (until they're full), have shown weight loss, while eating a health promoting and life prolonging diet.

Whether it's the fiber content that creates bulk without calories, the low calorie density of whole plant foods, the stimulating effect that plant foods have on appetite suppressing hormones and fat controlling enzymes, a WFPBD is scientifically proven to provide adequate nutrients while preventing excessive calorie intake.  The science behind the weight loss powers of the WFPBD will be further reviewed in detail in the For Weight Loss section of the main menu.  It's the evidence based and scientifically proven way to optimal health and body weight.

Obesity -The causes
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