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Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Haters gonna hate. And although my first instinct would be to get frustrated, I believe we can all learn a valuable lesson from these often anonymous people with clever usernames. This is my experience with online bullies.

Some say haters are a manifestation and measure of success, but whether that’s true or not, it doesn’t make it any more pleasant. I assumed correctly when I predicted I would get some negative and even aggressive comments about my mission and about some of the subjects I address, but it was the intensity and aggressiveness that I underestimated. I totally understand that it might frustrate a candy bar seller to read that candy bars aren’t healthy, but buddy, don’t shoot the messenger. I’m only here relaying the data and translating what the studies say in practical terms so people can take real steps towards improving their health. I’m promoting a pattern of eating where plants play a predominant role, because duh, that’s what the science says is the way to achieve optimal health. If you don’t want to be healthy, that’s totally fine by me, but how can you get angry with someone saying “eat more vegetables”. Grandma used to say that too, and no one cursed her out. No one on this planet doubts that vegetables are healthy. It’s a scientific fact. And yes, research does show that vegetables improve basically all measures of health, from weight, to cholesterol, to blood pressure, to cancer risk, to not dying a horrible death. You get the point? There’s no need to try to ruin someone’s day over them stating that the vitamin A in your carrots are great for your eyes.

But that’s not the real reason I’m frustrated. Here’s what really gives me palpitations. When a pissed off reader writes in capital letters in the comments section: “WRONG!!!! WRONG! WRONG! Where do you get this crap information?”, I don’t get mad at the comment itself. I actually get mad at the fact that he has a seat at the table. What do I mean by that? Let me explain, this is a fun story.

Hypothetical situation. Let’s say an imaginary scientist in the early 1900‘s is working on an equation trying to predict something as crazy as the mass of a distant planet. Stay with me now, you got this. He has 4 full blackboards of numbers and Roman symbols. It’s almost impossible to decipher the math, but he ends up with an answer to his original question. Remember? The whole mass of a planet thing! I’m putting my bet on that guy being an awesome and reliable way to get things done. Anyways, 100 years later with much improved technology, scientists end up figuring out that he was freaking right! That guy is an expert and deserves a seat at the table. Now imagine this second scenario. A guy with grade 9 math, with no college degree, no PhD and no experience doing math or physics every single day for 10 years, replies in the comments section: YOU’RE STUPID, I HAVE PROOF YOU’RE EFFIN WRONG!!! What can a blogger do!?

When 15 scientists with expertise in astrophysics are sitting at a table comparing equations, the guy with grade 9 math has no right to be there sitting at that same table. That’s exactly what’s happening when looking at the whole flat earth theory or climate change. People get flooded with data, and can’t distinguish what’s coming from experts and what’s coming from haters. Funny coincidence how all the flat earth conspirators don’t have PhDs in astrophysics. That’s basically the problem with the world we live in today. Online, everybody gets an equal seat at the table and it’s impossible for people to tell the difference between the experts and the haters. And when everyone is at the table screaming at each other, onlookers who are non-experts don’t know who to believe. They’ll end up believing whoever screams louder, or looks cooler, has a six-pack or preaches whatever aligns best with their beliefs. Reminder: I’m not trying to sell you anything. I’m not giving you my opinions, and if I do, I’ll warn you in advance. I’m simply trying to relay the message coming from the real scientists. Vegetables are cool, and there’s no need to get offended. You do you. If you hate vegetables and think they’re the devil, you have the right to believe that. I will never willingly pressure you to eat vegetables. My ultimate wish is that when vegetable experts are sitting at the proverbial table talking about vegetables, that you don‘t come have a seat. Actually, you don’t even deserve a seat.

I’m not a vegetable expert, far from it actually. I’m a doctor with a passion for preventing disease instead of curing it. My personal medical history forced me into something that has become my calling. I’m not a dietitian or nutritionist, and I’m not a vegetable researcher. I don’t even deserve a seat at that table either. That’s why I listen to the scientists that study vegetables everyday. I then let you guys know what the vegetable experts are discovering. I don’t sell broccoli, and broccoli companies haven’t paid me anything to talk about their product. If I talk about certain brands or items, it’s because I use them myself, or feed them to my daughters. And if vegetable experts discover that a certain vegetable causes cancer. I will tell you about it immediately and stop consuming it myself, even if it was my favorite vegetable of all time, because that’s the smart and responsible thing to teach your children.

To have a seat at the big boy table, make sure you deserve it.

This alone will never stop online bullying, but hopefully before you post something that will live on forever on the internet, ask yourself: “Do I even deserve a seat at this table?”. Would you post the same thing with your real name and picture? I will finish with a quote from famous astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson: “E = MC*2 whether you want to believe it or not”. Mic drop and peace out.

Thanks for reading and being respectful in the comments. If you liked this one, please let me know with a positive ❤️. Haters can leave a thumbs down.

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Plant-Based Dr. Jules 💚🌱

Plant-based Dr Jules 🌱💚

Check out my free website for more practical tips on how to prevent disease and to stay healthy with nutritional science.

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Louise LeBlanc
Louise LeBlanc
Sep 16, 2021

Well written, it’s very concerning to see negative comments when your doing your best to share your knowledge. I’m a big fan of yours, I’ve been eating mostly plant based for the past few years and I can say that it’s very rewarding health wise. I really appreciate your efforts to promote plant based eating and hope that you continue to inspire us. I look forward to your blogs.


Renée Haché
Renée Haché
Sep 15, 2021

🙄🙄🙄Seriously For our family, we don't want you to stop! We are learning so much 👀☺️


Olé ! Tu as un talent pour l’écriture et la communication . Toujours intéressant , au point, facile à comprendre avec tes exemples et anecdotes. Merci encore !


You do you Jules, because you are awesome. Loving your blogs! Still a meatatarian on my end, but love to learn about the plant based lifestyle and all its benefits. Can't wait for you to publish some recipes ( if you plan do so) so that I can add some plant based options to our menu at home.🤓

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