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FROM THE HOSPITAL TO THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS: An Intimate Look At My Personal And Medical Journeys

Updated: Aug 28, 2022

Haters are gonna hate, and when writing about diet, food culture and veganism, you’re bound to find people who disagree with you. When I started blogging over a year ago, I expected backlash and promised myself I wouldn’t get worked up when someone threatened me or doubted my credibility. Lately, I’ve had someone ask menacingly what my credentials were after writing a blog about hormonal health. I understand their frustration. I mean, it must suck being a predator making a living off of people’s naivety and desire for health hacks and quick fixes, and this random plant-based doctor with a PhD claims that you should ditch the miracle cures, cleanses and detox kits. Instead of feeling threatened or belittled, I find solace in knowing that what I preach is evidence based and supported by extensive peer-reviewed research. I too was skeptic about plant-based diets when I was a heavy meat eater. I too felt that vegans and vegetarians were “different”. I used to call them “granolas” before I became one of them. I now understand why we are so misunderstood by society. We are still a heavy minority in terms of dietary pattern. Our perspective on nutrition is founded on a holistic view of how it affects personal health, planetary health and how our food system mistreats animals, and not just taste alone.

When I started my plant-based journey, I felt like an outcast. I was alone and although the science had already convinced me that living my life this way was what I wanted to do, it still created friction in my social life and defied social norms. Still, I stuck with it, convinced that it was a lifestyle that would align perfectly with the healthy human I wanted to be.