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Vegan In Vegas: Eating Plant-Based While Travelling

We love to travel, but anyone on a plant-predominant diet knows how difficult it can be to eat whole foods while vacationing abroad. In this blog post, I’d like to talk about my recent trip to Las Vegas for the world UNAA Ninja Championships and how we managed to eat a mostly plant-based diet while indulging in vegan comfort food. I also want to apologize for my recent absence from the blog. I wanted to devote my time to training and prepping for my recent ninja competition in Las Vegas!

The whole purpose of my trip was to compete in the World UNAA Ninja Championships, an event I’d been working towards for the last 3 years. As a plant-based athlete ready for the biggest competition of my athletic career, I was looking for healthy whole foods that would fuel my performance instead of bogging me down. Not only did I manage to make veganism work in Vegas, I also enjoyed some delicious plant-based treats and desserts. Here’s my experience with being a vegan in Vegas and my top tips for anyone planning a future trip to sin city.

Off The Strip